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Da Qin jing jiao liu xing Zhongguo bei ; Jing jiao liu xing Zhongguo bei song bing xu

Harvard Library,


Parte della collezione Chinese rubbings collection
Rubbing from stele of ""Da Qin jing jiao liu xing Zhongguo bei"" -- a monument about Christianity mission in China in Tang Dynasty. Inscription written by Jingjing (a Buddhist monk active in Tang Dynasty, 618-907), calligraphy by Lü Xiuyan (an official active in Tang Dynasty, 618-907).
Genere: rubbings
Formato: 180 x 83 cm (yang)
Note: Citation/references: Beijing tu shu guan cang Zhongguo li dai shi ke ta ben hui bian, 1989, v. 4, p. 132. ; Zeng bu jiao bei sui bi, 1981, p. 628.General note: Script style: zheng shu. ; Ta pian, folded, not mounted, 1 leaf, 25cm. ; Lack tablet and both of sides. ; Stele currently located in Xi'an bei lin, Shaanxi Province, China. ; For other information, please refer to HOLLIS number: 9717717 Historical: Stele date: 7th day of 1st mo. of 2nd yr. of Jianzhong, Tang Dynasty (781).
Repository: Harvard-Yenching Library, Harvard University"


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ARGOMENTI : # in Arti / Stili artistici / Stili artistici (non classificati per data) / Arte orientale
PAESI : Cina
TAG : tag: missions , calligraphy , Stele (Archaeology) , models (representations) , Catholicism
DATAZIONE: 1912 - 1945