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Ape climbing a mast and sitting on a throne from BL Eg 1121, f. 48v

The British Library,


Detail of a miniature of an ape being advised by the raven not to climb a mast, and by the fox not to sit on a throne; he does both, and, at the bottom, is punished by wild dogs attacking, at the beginning of Chapter 6 of Book 2. Image taken from f. 48v of Spiegel der Weisheit. Written in German.
Autori: Ulrich von Pottenstein
Dimensioni: 260 x 185 (170 x 130)
Paese: Austria, W. (Salzburg)


LINGUA : tedesco
LICENZA : http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/
ARGOMENTI : # in Letteratura / Letteratura: storia e critica / Letteratura, storia e critica: studi generali / Letteratura, storia e critica: letteratura antica, classica e medievale
PAESI : Austria
TAG : tag: British Library Egerton Collection , BL Eg 1121 , f. 48v , Gothic cursive
DATAZIONE: 1420 - 1440, 1430 -