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Brief Explanation of the “Safeguards of Transmission” of Guidance to the True Path

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Mukhtaṣar al-Wiqāya fi Masa‘il al-Hidaya (Brief explanation of the “Safeguards of transmission” [of hadith] of guidance to the true path) by Ubayd Allāh ibn Masūd ibn Mahmud ibn Ahmad al-Mahbūbī (also known as Sadr al-Šhari’a; died 1346) is an abridgement of Wiqayat al-Riwayah (Safeguards of transmission), by Sadr al-Šhari’a’s grandfather, Mahmud ibn Sadr al-Shari'ah al-Awwal, Ubayd Allah al-Mahbūbī (died 1274). Al-Mahbūbī was an eminent scholar of natural science, religion, and jurisprudence who died in Bukhara in present-day Uzbekistan. The book describes the daily practices of a Muslim according to the Hanafī Madhab (one of the four Sunni schools of jurisprudence) and covers both standard situations and deviations or exceptions. It is divided into 49 sections called books and contains among others, “the book of purity,” “the book of prayers,” “the book of pilgrimage,” “the book of marriage,” “the book of divorce,” and “the book of peacemaking.” The work draws heavily on the words of the jurist Abu Hanifah (circa 699–767 AD; 80–148 AH) and on verses from the Qur’an. This Arabic edition was published in Kazan, Russia in 1911. Kazan University was founded by Tsar Alexander I in 1804 and became the premier center for oriental studies in the Russian Empire. Kazan was a center of publishing for the empire’s Muslim population.
Editor: Ubayd Allāh ibn Masūd ibn Mahmud ibn Ahmad al-Mahbūbī, died 1346
Place: Central and South Asia; Middle East and North Africa
Institution: National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana
Physical description: 184 pages


LINGUA : arabo
LICENZA : Pubblico dominio
ARGOMENTI : # in Scienze umane / Religione / Islam
PAESI : Asia Centrale / Nord Africa
TAG : tag: Abū Ḥanīfah, died 767 or 768 , Islamic law , Koran , Muslims , Sunnites
FONTE : V.Z. Erem’yev Typo-Lithography, Kazan