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Tableau de Geographie Physique.



This is a very unusual 1838 map and astronomical chart by M. Monin. Divided into two sections. The left section is a Geographical Tableau, essentially a map of nothing, showing various geographical features and how they can be displayed. Shows mountains, plains, gulfs, seas, archipelagos, swamps, lakes rivers and plateaus, among others. Along the bottom there are five engraved images of geographical sights and events including tornadoes at sea, a waterfall, a volcano erupting, a glacier and a valley. The right side of this map is a Astronomical chart, itself divided into various elements. Includes a diagram of the seasons, a map of the phases of the moon, a representation of the Zodiac, a lunar and solar eclipse diagram, an Armillary sphere, etc… Prepared by M.Monin as plate no.