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How does one think of history on a world scale? Should one turn to the intellectuals of the past or the historians of the present? Universal history as it was practised from Antiquity started to change from the sixteenth century in varied contexts, from East Asia to Spanish America. Applying his extensive knowledge of archives across the world and his command of languages and historiographic traditions of Asia, Europe and the Americas, Sanjay Subrahmanyam considers the history of networks and exchanges of goods, myths and ideologies from a new perspective. He works outside traditional geopolitical frameworks based on the nation-state model, to present global history as a field defined and redefined by “connected histories”.


LINGUA : inglese
LICENZA : Licenza sconosciuta
ARGOMENTI : # in Scienze umane / Storia / Storia:dalla preistoria al presente / Storia generale e mondiale / Storia: teoria e metodi / Storia moderna dal 1450-1500 al 1700 / Storia contemporanea dal 1700 al 1900 / Storiografia
TAG : tag: world history , Geopolitics , history , global history , history , International relations
FONTE : Publisher: Collège de France