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This 12th-century English manuscript contains the Bible (from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Psalms) with prologues attributed to St Jerome (b. 347, d. 420) and Pelagius (b. 360, d. 418). Contents: f. 1r-2r: St Jerome, Epistula 53 ad Paulinum (Letter 53: To Paulinus). ff. 2r-4r: St Jerome, prologues for the Book of Genesis, Judges, Kings, Proverbs, Sirach, Tobit, Judith, Esther, Esdras. ff. 11r-26r: The Book of Genesis. ff. 26r-38r: The Book of Exodus. ff. 38r-46r: The Book of Leviticus. ff. 46r-56r: The Book of Numbers. ff. 56r-65r: The Book of Deuteronomy. ff. 65r-71r: The Book of Joshua. ff. 71r-77v: The Book of Judges. ff. 77v-78v: The Book of Ruth. ff. 78v-87v: The Book of 1 Kings. ff. 87v-95r: The Book of 2 Kings. ff. 95r-103v: The Book of 3 Kings. ff. 103v-111r: The Book of 4 Kings. ff. 111r-118v: The Book of 1 Chronicles. ff. 118v-127v: The Book of 2 Chronicles. ff. 127v-134r: The Book of Esdras. ff. 134r-136v: The Book of Tobit. ff. 136v-140r: The Book of Judith. ff. 140r-143r: The Book of Esther. ff. 143r-148v: The Book of Proverbs. ff. 148v-150v: The Book of Ecclesiastes. ff. 150v-151v: The Song of Solomon. ff. 151v-155r: The Book of Wisdom. ff. 155r-166r: The Book of Sirach. ff. 166r-172v: The Book of Job (ends with a praise of Job attributed to St Jerome, beginning: ‘Job exemplar patientiae’). ff. 172v-181r: The Book of 1 Maccabees. ff. 181r-186v: The Book of 2 Maccabees. ff. 186v-199r: The Book of Isaiah. ff. 199v-213v: The Book of Jeremiah. ff. 213v-215r: The Book of Lamentations. ff. 215r-215v: The Letter of Jeremiah. ff. 215v-217r: The Book of Baruch. ff. 217r-231r: The Book of Ezekiel. ff. 231v-237v: The Book of Daniel. ff. 237v-239r: The Book of Hosea. ff. 239v-240r: The Book of Joel. ff. 240r-241v: The Book of Amos. f. 241v: The Book of Obadiah. ff. 242r-242v: The Book of Jonah. ff. 242v-243v: The Book of Micah. ff. 243v-244r: The Book of Nahum. ff. 244r-244v: The Book of Habakkuk ff. 244v-245r: The Book of Zephaniah. ff. 245r-245v: The Book of Haggai. ff. 245r-248r: The Book of Zechariah. ff. 248r-248v: The Book of Malachi. ff. 249v-259r: The Gospel of Matthew. ff. 259r-264v: The Gospel of Mark. ff. 265r-274r: The Gospel of Luke. ff. 274r-280v: The Gospel of John. ff. 280v-289v: The Acts of the Apostles. ff. 290r-294r: The Catholic Epistles. ff. 294r-298r: The Book of Revelation. ff. 298v-320r: The Pauline Epistles, preceded by a concordance and a commentary attributed to Pelagius. ff. 321r-329v: The Book of Psalms, imperfect (Psalms 1-76, Psalm 77: 1-27). [f. 10v is blank]. The manuscript contains a number of additions: ff. 4r-10r: Tables of Contents for the Pentateuch, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Kings (1-4), Job, Chronicles (1-2), Maccabees (1-2), added in a 15th-century script. ff. 249r, 249v (paragraph); 320r-320v (paragraph): Short texts, added in a 15th-century script. Decoration: 28 large and medium initials in red and blue (sometimes featuring ‘puzzle initials’), with penwork decoration and pen-flourishing in blue and red, at the beginning of books and major divisions (ff. 11r, 26v, 46r, 56r, 77v, 78v, 111r, 118v, 127v, 134r, 136v, 140r, 143r, 148v, 151v, 166r, 181r, 186v, 199v, 216r, 217v, 231v, 242r, 245r, 245v, 249v (2x), 259v). Large and medium initials in red or blue with foliate penwork decoration and pen-flourishing in red or blue, at the beginning of books and major divisions: 10 with arabesque penwork decoration in red and blue (ff. 71r, 87v, 95r, 150v,155r, 172v, 243v, 248r, 292v, 293v); 50 with ‘curly’ penwork decoration (ff. 1r, 38v, 65r, 103v, 144v, 237v, 239v, 240r, 241v, 242v, 244r, 244v (2x), 247v, 259r, 265r (2x), 265v, 274r, 274v, 280v, 281r, 290r (2x), 291r, 292r, 293v, 294r (2x), 294v, 298v, 299r, 300r, 304r, 307v, 310r, 311r, 312v, 313v, 314r, 314v, 315v, 316v, 317r, 317v (2x), 323v, 325r, 326v, 328v). 20 large and medium blue initials in frames with red penwork decoration, added in the 15th century (ff. 4r, 4v (2x), 5r, 5v, 6v (2x), 7r (2x), 7v (2x), 8r (2x), 8v, 9r (2x), 9v, 249r, 249v, 320r [no penwork]). Small initials in red or blue with penwork decoration in blue or red. Small plain initials in blue or red, many with minor pen-flourishing in the same colour: a few in green (f. 328v). Display script in (flourished) capital letters alternately in red and blue (from f. 186v onwards); once in brown ink with red penwork decoration (f. 239v). Rubrics in red or blue. Running headers in red or blue. Roman numerals in red or blue. Manicules in brown ink added to the margins (e.g. ff. 14v, 15r, 20r); a human face in brown ink (f. 87v).
Provenienza: England.
Data approssimativa: 1st quarter of the 12th century -3rd quarter of the 12th century