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Can a computer write poetry?



If you read a poem and feel moved by it| but then find out it was actually written by a computer| would you feel differently about the experience? Would you think that the computer had expressed itself and been creative| or would you feel like you had fallen for a cheap trick? In this talk| writer Oscar Schwartz examines why we react so strongly to the idea of a computer writing poetry -- and how this reaction helps us understand what it means to be human.


LINGUA : inglese
ARGOMENTI : # in Medicina / Medicina pre-clinica / Crescita e sviluppo dell'uomo /
Tecnologia, ingegneria, agricoltura / Tecnologia: generale /
Informatica / Computer science / Intelligenza artificiale
TAG : tag: AI , TEDYouth , TEDx , algorithm , Composing , Computers , creativity , Identity , language , literature , poetry , Technology , writing
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