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Maharana of Mewar and Prince Khurram

Victoria and Albert Museum


This scene, probably done between about 1615 and 1618, depicts the submission of the ruler of Mewar in Rajasthan to Shah Jahan, the son of the reigning Mughal emperor Jahangir (r. 1605-1627). The ruler, Rana Amar Singh, had long held out against the Mughal forces but after a lengthy campaign directed by Shah Jahan was forced to surrender in 1615. The artist, Nanha, has included himself kneeling at the right of the scene, sketching a portrait of the Rana. The picture was made to illustrate the Jahangirnama (""Book of Jahangir""), the memoirs written in Persian by Jahangir, as indicated by the catchword isolated against the white muslin jama of the man depicted in the bottom left hand corner, which would be repeated as the first word of the following page. Although Jahangir intended to have various illustrated copies made of his book, none are known to survive.
MEDIUM: Painted in opaque watercolour and gold on paper"


LICENZA : ©Victoria & Albert Museum, London
ARGOMENTI : # in Arti / Stili artistici / Stili artistici (non classificati per data) / Arte orientale
PAESI : Subcontinente indiano
TAG : tag: Victoria and Albert Museum , V&A , Digital Collections , Nanha
DATAZIONE: 1615 - 1618