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Instrumental parts | 108 p., 10 3/4 x 7 in. | Contains: Glory/Cogley & Bock--Good-night, beloved, good-night/Fay & Oliver--I'm a Jonah man/Alex. Rogers--It's for Her, Her, Her/Shields & Taylor--My little Hong Kong baby/Paul West & John W. Bratton--Dat's de way to spell Chicken/Sidney Perrin & Bob Slater--Tessie, you are the only, only, only/Will R. Anderson--I'll be your honey in the springtime/Harry Freeman. (Content). Copyright, MCMXIII, by M. Witmark & Sons, N.Y. (Copyright). Parts: solo & 1st B-flat cornets (2), piccolo in D-flat, E-flat clarinet, 1st B-flat clarinet (2), 2nd & 3rd B-flat clarinets, oboe, bassoon, E-flat cornet, 2nd & 3rd B-flat cornets (2), solo or 1st E-flat alto, 2nd & 3rd E-flat altos (2), 1st & 2nd trombones (2), 3rd trombone or B-flat bass (bass clef), 3rd trombone or B-flat bass (treble clef), baritone (bass clef), baritone (treble clef), 1st & 2nd tenors (2), tubas or E-flat basses (2), drums (2). 44 blank pages Instrumental Parts (Form).