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This ceramic work entitled ’McDonald’s # 1’ was acquired from Shanghai based Chinese artist and designer Li Lihong. This is one of a series of works which take the form of McDonald’s famous ’golden arches’ logo; one of the most recognised brand emblems in the world and an acknowledged symbol of globalised consumer culture. Li juxtaposes this iconic form with traditional Chinese ceramic decorative motifs and techniques. Through this combination of themes, styles and formats, from different cultural epochs and traditions Li opens up a dialogue about the ways in which traditional culture interacts with modern life and an increasingly globalised culture.
MEDIUM: Porcelain, hand built, painted with underglaze cobalt blue, glazed, fired


LICENZA : ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Li Lihong
ARGOMENTI : # in Arti / Stili artistici / Stili artistici (non classificati per data) / Arte orientale
PAESI : Cina
TAG : tag: Victoria and Albert Museum , V&A , Digital Collections , Li Lihong