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Map of Hua Mountain ; Map of Huashan Mountain ; Tai hua shan quan tu bing ba ; Tai hua quan tu

Harvard Library


Parte della collezione Chinese rubbings collection
Rubbing of stele depicting Hua shan -- the Huashan Mountain, located in Huayin County, Shaanxi Province. Painting and calligraphy by Jia Xuan(?) (1722, also recorded as Jia Li), an official (position title: San Qin guan cha shi) of Qing Dyansty. / Painting is like a map depicting famous sites associated with Huashan Mountain and locating each site with name. / Postscript stating the painting was done by Jia Xuan after he performed a ceremony to pray for rain in nearby Taibai Mountain. In the postscript, Jia praised the scenery of Mountain Huanshan. / 2 seals of Jia Xuan follow the inscription. / Stele engraved by Li Shilong and Pu Shi.
Genere: rubbings
Data: 19th cent.-early 20th cent.
Formato: 132 x 69 cm
Note: Citation/references: Xi'an bei lin, 1963. p. 95. (Tai hua shan quan tu). / Xi'an bei lin quan ji, 1999, Case No. 12, v. 104, p. 318-320. (Tai hua shan quan tu; full rubbing and all sections) / Beijing tu shu guan cang hua xiang ta ben hui bian, 1993, v. 10, p. 39. (Tai hua shan quan tu bing ba). / Zhongguo mei shu quan ji, hui hua pian, v. 19, Shi ke xian hua, 1988, pl. 160, p. 172; p. 60. / Shannxi gu dai shi ke yi shu, 1995, p. 213. (Tai hua shan tu). / Zhongguo mei shu jia ren ming ci dian, 1981, p. 1239 (Jia Xuan).General note: Script style: postscript in xing shu; title in li shu. / Hua shan: Mt. Huashan, literally translated as Flower Mountain, is located to the south of Huayin county, Shaanxi province, with the Wei River to its north, and Qinling Mountains to the south. Huayin city, 120 kilometers east of Xi'an, Shaanxi. Mountain Huashan, with an elevation of 2200 meters above sea level, also known as the Western Mountain (Xi yue) due to its geographical location in relation to the others, is famed as the most precipitous of the five well-known mountains in China. In ancient times, Mt. Huashan was called Mt. Taihuashan. Historical: Stele date: 9th. day of 9th. mo. of 39th. yr. of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty (1700).
Repository: Fine Arts Library, Special Collections, Harvard University"