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This record proof was the second design for the Sex Pistols' album Flogging a Dead Horse. So called as it was a blatant cash in on the death throes of the Sex Pistols phenomenon, Reid submitted this cover after his original design, the title scrawled over the two covers of the Sex Pistols first two albums, was rejected. Reid says of this design: “Trevor Key and I found the most tacky photo we could find of a model from a tacky agency. We just used the most boring sort of rope Letraset; if you look closely, you can see the studio floor on the right hand side of the image... it was a final fuck off to Virgin."" Jamie Reid's cut-and-paste aesthetic grew from his interest in radical politics. His artistic style developed while at art college in Croydon, where he was influenced by the ideas of the avant-garde political group, the Situationist International. The political slant to his art was aroused by the May 1968 Paris student riots, which inspired fraternal protests organised by Reid at the Croydon College of Art. These were directed with fellow student Malcolm McLaren, later to become the manager of the Sex Pistols.
MEDIUM: Offset lithography on card."