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This record cover proof shows a prototype design for Sex Pistols' debut album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols. It was designed by Jamie Reid (b.1947) and the colours it was printed in were chosen in order to be noticed and to offend. The album title, originally to be God Save Sex Pistols, changed to this one during the summer of recording, supplied by Steve Jones, the guitarist. The album's track list is also different from the final release, with God Save the Queen missing from the sleeve. Jamie Reid's cut-and-paste aesthetic grew from his interest in radical politics. His artistic style developed while at art college in Croydon, where he was influenced by the ideas of the avant-garde political group, the Situationist International. The political slant to his art was aroused by the May 1968 Paris student riots, which inspired fraternal protests organised by Reid at the Croydon College of Art. These were directed with fellow student Malcolm McLaren, later to become the manager of the Sex Pistols.
MEDIUM: Screen print on card