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Properties of Central States Electric Company and associated companies

David Rumsey Map Collection,


Color map. Shows administrative divisions, major cities and towns, highlighting railways, electric and telephone companies, telephone lines, gas and hydro-electric stations, etc. Includes legend. Promotional atlas issued by the Buffalo-based map publisher Whitney-Graham Company, maps dated 1926-1930, The atlas consists of a page of introductory text, followed by a total of 20 maps pasted on, some folded. Bound in blue cloth covered boars with title pasted on front cover. The maps are in color, some pictorial, depict the United States rail systems or utility networks in the northeast quadrant of the country, with an emphasis on the Midwest, natural recourses, industry, a Standard Gas and Electric Company map, a telegraph map of the world, and small maps of Europe and the Adirondacks. Maps showing political and administrative boundaries, major cities, rivers, lakes, forests and mountains. Some maps are dated on lower left or right margins.


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FONTE : Whitney-Graham Co.. New York