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Decorated initial from BL Harley 3052, f. 14


The British Library,


Detail of a decorated initial 'S'(criptura) with foliate motifs, dragon and profile head, at the beginning of the second book of Gregory the Great's Moralia in Job. Image taken from f. 14 of Moralia in Job, books 1-9 (ff. 1v-113); Homiliae X ad monachos (ff. 113-123); shorter texts (ff. 123-125), including a letter to the antipope Clement III, the ~Ordo ad includendum masculum vel feminam~, an acrostic poem which spells out 'Gregorius' (f. 124v) and the ~Epitaphium Frederici episcopi Leodiensis~(f. 125). Written in Latin.
Autori: Gregory the Great; Caesarius of Arles
Dimensioni: 375 x 275 (280-295 x 210) in 2 columns
Paese: Germany, W. (Arnstein)


LINGUA : latino
LICENZA : http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/
ARGOMENTI : # in Letteratura / Letteratura: storia e critica / Letteratura, storia e critica: studi generali / Letteratura, storia e critica: letteratura antica, classica e medievale
PAESI : Germania
TAG : tag: British Library Harley Collection , BL Harley 3052 , f. 14 , Protogothic
DATAZIONE: 1150 - 1199