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Anthropomorphic initial from BL Harley 3052, f. 113


The British Library,


Detail of an anthropomorphic initial 'I'(nter) of a standing man at the beginning of Caesarius of Arles' Homiliae X ad monachos. Image taken from f. 113 of Moralia in Job, books 1-9 (ff. 1v-113); Homiliae X ad monachos (ff. 113-123); shorter texts (ff. 123-125), including a letter to the antipope Clement III, the ~Ordo ad includendum masculum vel feminam~, an acrostic poem which spells out 'Gregorius' (f. 124v) and the ~Epitaphium Frederici episcopi Leodiensis~(f. 125). Written in Latin.
Autori: Gregory the Great; Caesarius of Arles
Dimensioni: 375 x 275 (280-295 x 210) in 2 columns
Paese: Germany, W. (Arnstein)


LINGUA : latino
LICENZA : http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/
PAESI : Germania
TAG : tag: British Library Harley Collection , BL Harley 3052 , f. 113 , Protogothic
DATAZIONE: 1150 - 1199