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Outline hand colored map, with decorative cartouches. Relief shown pictorially. Shows administrative divisions, cities, towns, landmarks, churches, rivers and mountains. Includes note and dedication text. A fine example of De Rossi's atlas, in 2 volumes, similar to Coronelli's atlas of the same period, with engraved decorative title page. Includes 150 engraved outline hand colored maps with decorative title cartouche, on 181 sheets. Some maps having 2-4 page numbers. Index includes plates 1-95 of the first volume, and plates 96-181 in the second volume. Maps dated between 1669 and 1715, issued by Giov. Giac. de Rossi and Domenico de Rossi, they are mainly derived from Cantelli da Vignola's maps, an important seventeenth-century cartographer who pioneered the Italian style of fine bold engraving that would eventually be embraced and expanded upon by Vincenzo Coronelli, and Nicolas Sanson (20 December 1600 – 7 July 1667) a French cartographer, termed by some the creator of French geography. Maps engraved by Baudrand, Franciscus Donia, G.B. Falda, Jean Lhuilier, Vin Mariotti, Gasparo Pietro Santa, Salomon Rogiers, & Giorgio Widman, Lubin, Titi, Ameti, Magini and Mattei. Bound in blue half leather binding. Giovanni Giacomo De Rossi (1627 - 1691) was an Italian printer and publisher active in 17th century Rome. Giovanni inherited the important Rome based printing business originally founded by his father, Giuseppe de Rossi (1570-1639). By the mid-17th century the Rossi firm was considered the most active and important press in Rome.


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FONTE : Domenico de Rossi. Roma