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No. 15. Avellino, Ariano, Ofanto fiume

David Rumsey Map Collection,


Uncolored map. Relief shown pictorially. Prime meridian is Napoli. Title of plates supplied by cataloger. Rare atlas published by the famous cartographer Rizzi Zannoni (1736-1814) during more than 20 years of business in Naples, first as a Geographer of the King and then director of the Topographical Office in Naples in 1781. The maps are based on trigonometric survey and represent a new level of accuracy for Italian mapping. The Cassini projection is used. Title vignette on plate 2. Plates are dated next to the engraver (Giuseppe Guerra) and despite the indication given in the title (1808), were published between 1788 and 1812. The atlas consists of 31 plates, each double page. With views of different sailing ships on each plate. Preceding three other plates are not numbered, the first plate untitled, showing northern Italy, the second and third plates, also on two pages (which join to make one map), have titles: Carta del' itinerarj militari da Bologna a tutto il Regno di Napoli ordinata da S.M Giuseppe Napoleone I. Diretta dal Gen. Div. Parisi costruita da P. Colletta Ten. Cotto del Genio'. Relief shown pictorially.


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FONTE : Giuseppe Guerra. Naples