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"Engraved hand color map of the Crusading routes, with color coded explanation of signs and numbers. Relief shown pictorially. Marmocchi's Atlas of universal geography in 101 pages, consists of vocabulary of the technical terms in geography, statistical geography, political and administrative divisions, Globe Political Scale and Statistical Scale, 58 plates, including maps, views, cross-sections, and diagrams. The first part, Cosmography, The second, Physical Geography, subdivided as follows: Globes mappings, in different projections, different contours of the continents and the comparative height of the mountains and the length of river currents. Rose of the Winds and geography of the burning and extinct volcanoes. Maps are mostly hand colored, some plates folded, dated 1832-1846. Engraved in copper and finished in color. Showing political and administrative divisions, cities, towns, roads, railroads, rivers and mountains. Relief shown by hachures and pictorially. Some maps include title cartouche, the national flags and coat of arms. Bound in half leather, with title ""Atlante"" on spine in gilt. Marmocchi was an Italian geographer, cartographer and patriot, born in Poggibonsi in 1805, died in 1858. He studied natural sciences, especially geography. In 1829 he published the first of his many works ""The animal kingdom described according to the observations of the most famous naturalists"". He dedicate himself to his discipline, attending the GS Vieusseux Cabinet in Florence and creating a Universal Geography Course developed in one hundred lessons, reissued several times. In 1847 he directed the weekly Florentine Sabatino and later collaborated with the Florentine newspaper L'Alba. In 1848 he became deputy in the Tuscan Parliament, and then held the office of Secretary of the Interior under Guerrazzi. He was one of the pioneers to design an interesting planisphere with fossils of vertebrates and invertebrates. His works cover all aspects of ""sciences"": geography, archeology, history, paleontology, economics, public and private law, commerce, finance and merchant science."


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