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Guidance for Would-be Homesteaders on How to Emigrate to Brazil (1932 Edition)

World Digital Library,


This brochure was published by the Federation of Immigration Associations, which was supported by the Japanese government for the purpose of recruiting emigrants from Japan to other countries. It explains the conditions, preparations, and application process for emigration to Brazil. Japanese emigration to Brazil began in 1908, and reached its peak in 1926–35. Following the abolition of slavery in Brazil in 1888, the government of Brazil looked to immigrants to address a labor shortage in the increasingly important coffee industry. European immigrants, particularly Italians, filled the gap at first, but were later joined by immigrants from Japan, where rural poverty was widespread and the economy was struggling to modernize and to reabsorb soldiers returning after the Russo-Japanese War (1904–5).
Place: East Asia; Japan; Latin America and the Caribbean; Brazil
Institution: National Diet Library
Physical description: 1 book : photographs, map ; 45.3 × 61.1 centimeters


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