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Miscellany of works on computus and astronomy

British Library


Contents: ff. 1r-12v: Helperic of Auxerre, Computus preceded by a prologue (f. 1r) and capitula (f. 1v). ff. 12v-13r: Di es Egyptiaci (Egyptian days). ff. 13r-14r: Computus material including Ciclus annalis, De horis mensium and De singulis horis in die quomodo mensurantur cum pedibus with a table of moveable feasts (f. 13r) and an orologium diagram. ff. 14r-28r: Bede the Venerable, De natura rerum (ff. 14r-22r) followed by Bede, De temporibus (ff. 22r-28r). ff. 28r-29v: Epistola Petosiris de sphera vite et mortis (Sphere of the life and death), beginning: 'Pitoris (sic) Necnepso regi salutem. De his que a me ad humane vite' followed by tables (ff. 28v-29r) and two circular diagrams (f. 29v). ff. 30v-103v: Bede the Venerable, De temporum ratione preceded by a prologue (ff. 30v-31r). ff. 104r- 105r: Pseudo-Hyginus, Excerptum de astrologia (an abstract of the Aratus Latinus). ff. 105v-113r: Abbo of Fleury, Excerptio Abbonis ex Hygino de figuratione signorum. ff. 113r-115v: Abbo of Fleury, De differentia circule et sphere, beginning: 'Studiosis astrologie primo sciendum est' followed by the Tractatus 'Denique luna', beginning: 'Denique luna totius Zodiaci signa' (ff. 114r-115v). ff. 115v-118r: Anonymous, De xii signis cur figurantur sic de ariete. ff. 118v-119v: Anonymous on the measurements of the celestes circuli, beginning: 'Spera fiat omni parte equalis'. ff. 120r-126v: Dungal of Bobbio, Epistola ad Carolum Magnum de duplici solis eclipsi anno 810 , Dungal's letter to Charlemagne about the two solar eclipses that occurred in 810. ff. 126v-127r: Extracts from Isidore of Seville, Etymologiae, book 3, De eclipse, chapters 58 and 59, beginning: 'Eclipsis solis est quotiens luna trigesima ad eandem lineam'. ff. 127r-132r: Extracts on astronomical subjects from Macrobius, Commentarii in Ciceronis Somnium Scipionis. ff. 132v-139v: Anonymous, treatise on the method of computation with examples, beginning: 'Si vis scire quot sint anni ab incarnatione'. ff. 139v-140v: Anonymous, Versus Dionisii de annis Domini. ff. 140v-141v: Anonymous, De notis antiquioribus que notant numerus, beginning with an extract from Rabanus Maurus, De computo, chapter 6: 'Tres digiti in sinistra manu, id est auricularis'. ff. 141v-143r : Anonymous, De mensuris et ponderibus, beginning: 'Mensurarum in liquidis coclear est pars minima'. f. 145r: A Versus de ciclo Pasche magno , beginning. 'Compotus hic alphabeto confectus habetur'. f. 145v: A short text on the moveable feasts followed by a diagram on the epacts allowing to find the date in the lunar calendar from the solar calendar; it is used in the calculation of the date of Easter. ff. 146r-148v: Bede the Venerable, Epistola ad Wicthedum de aequinoctio vel de paschae celebratione, imperfect at the beginning and at the end, beginning: '[equi]noctialem sui cursus locum in signifero circulo', ending: 'aut nona kalendarum aprilium die non fuisse, aut ante equinoctium fuisse confirmet. Explicit Epistola Bede presbiteri ad Vicredam (sic) presbiterum '. ff. 149r-v: Anonymous, verses on the seven liberal arts. The last verses have been copied by two different 15th-century hands (f. 149v). Decoration: One explanatory drawing of methods of calculation of the Computus (f. 33v). Series of ink drawings of the constellations slightly tinted (ff. 105r-112v). Ten diagrams and tables in brown and red ink (ff. 14r, 29v, 114v, 118r, 123r, 127v, 143v, 144r, 144v, 145v). Nine large interlace initials in colours or in outline drawing, some with zoomorphic motifs (ff. 1r, 1v, 14v, 22r, 30v, 32v, 104r, 105r, 120r). Initials in red with penwork decoration in green, or in green with penwork decoration in red. Line-filler in red and/or green. Marginal drawings in ink of dragons, some attached to glosses (ff. 5v, 8r, 9r, 9v, 10v, 15v, 16r, 23v, 24v, 26v, 117v), of the moon and sun (f. 55v), the island Thule (f. 61v), human, animals heads and zodiac signs (ff. 14r, 36r, 43r, 43v, 47r, 49v, 59v, 72v, 81v, 107v, 110r, 111r, 112r, 112v), and initials (e.g., ff. 66v, 69v, 79v). Glosses in green and red frames (e.g., f. 39v)
Provenienza: Northern France.
Data approssimativa: 11th century-12th century