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La Commedia: mit Kommentar, Einführung und Vorreden von Christophorus Landinus. Mit Würdigung Dantes in lat. und ital. Sprache von Marsilius Ficinus. Mit 19 Kupferstichen von Baccio Baldini nach Zeichnungen von Sandro Botticelli. [1-3] - Rar. 290-1/3

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek,


Note originali della Bayerische Staatsbibliothek:'Almost from the time it was written, the Commedia by Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) enjoyed enormous popularity, being praised by Boccaccio as divina and copied in more than 600 manuscripts. The work has continued to be an undying source of artistic inspiration, from the earliest manuscript illustrations up to work by such modern artists as Salvador Dalí and Robert Rauschenberg. The movement towards a revaluation of vernacular Italian literature reawakened interest in Dante between 1440 and 1470 and led to efforts in the poet''s native town of Florence to publish its ""own"" representative edition of the Commedia to rival the editions previously printed in Foligno (1472) and thereafter in Venice, Mantua, Naples, and Milan. The result was the Florentine edition (1481), which was accompanied by a learned commentary that focused attention on the allegorical character of the work. The commentary was written by Christophorus Landinus (1424-98), a prominent member of the Platonic Academy of Florence and teacher of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de'' Medici, a cousin of Lorenzo the Magnificent. This commentary was to be included in all editions of the Commedia printed in the subsequent two decades. The different techniques required for printing the text (relief printing) and the copper engravings (an intaglio process) seem to have caused problems in this Florentine edition, printedby Nicolaus Laurentii. Only around 20 copies of the edition contain 19 copper engravings, most of which have been pasted in rather than printed onto the text pages, while others contain only two illustrations to the first two canti of the poem. The ambitiously planned edition thus seems not to have been properly realized. The copper engravings were probably the work of Baccio Baldini and seem to be related to the series of 92 illustrations made by Sandro Botticelli for Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de'' Medici around the end of the 15th century // Wiltrud Summer-Schindler | Bibliogr. Nachweis: Hain/Copinger 5946. Pell-Pol 4114 und 4114 A. Pol (+ Suppl.) 1223. IGI 360. BMC VI,628 (IC. 27095b). Goff (+ Suppl.) D 29. IBP 1835. Sander 2311. - Zu den Illustrationen vgl. A. M. Hind: Early Italian Engraving. P. 1,1.2. New York, London 1938, S. 99-116 und pl. 162-171. - Dantes Divina Commedia mit den Illustrationen von Sandro Botticelli. Codex Reg. Lat. 1896, Codex Ham. 201 (Cim. 33). Kommentar von P. Dreyer. (Kommentarband zur Faksimileausgabe). Zürich 1986 (Codices e Vaticanis selecti ... 54), S. 43-46, 158-177 Abb. 8-27'"


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