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Uncolored engraved double page map. Covers from Northern California coast to a mythical NW Passage in the Arctic Circle. Shows cities, towns, landmarks, rivers, forests and mountains. Relief shown pictorially. Includes decorative compass rose oriented with the north to the top left. Wyfliet's atlas is the first atlas devoted entirely to maps of the Americas, (the New world), was first published in Latin as Descriptionis Ptolemaicae augmentum in 1597, and later published in Latin editions in 1598 and 1603. Then translated into French and combined with the work of Magini’s description of the West and East Indies and Japan, published under the present title in 1605 and further editions published in 1607 and 1611. This is 3rd edition of “Histoire Universelle des Indes occidentales et orientales ...” in French: by Cornille Wytfliet & Anthoine Magin & other historians, divided into 2 books and in three parts, published at Douay, at Francois Fabri, in 1611. Part 1: Histoire universelle des Indes occidentales: Universal History of the West Indies. Part 2: Histoire universelle des Indes orientales : Universal History of the East Indies. Part 3: La suite de l'Histoire des Indes orientales, de la conversion des Indies: The continuation of the history of the East Indies, the conversion of the Indians, each part with engraved decorative title page. Atlas includes indexes, tables and 23 double-page engraved maps. All maps dated 1597, except Canada, 1607; Virginia, 1611; and Limes occidentale, 1607. The first map (a double-hemisphere world map) is based on Mercator's influential map of 1587. Then follows maps of South America (the north coast of South America with the Caribbean islands, Hispaniola, Cuba and Jamaica, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Central America, and maps of North America. In addition to the large double-page maps there are also four small maps on one double-page sheet in Magini's supplement showing the East Indies, Japan, China and the Philippines. Bound in full calf, spine gilt with title “Histoire des Indes” in gilt on spine.


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FONTE : Francois Fabri. Douay : Chez Francois Fabri