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Reconciliation, Civil Society, and the Politics of Memory : Transnational Initiatives in the 20th and 21st Century



How did civil society function as a locus for reconciliation initiatives since the beginning of the 20th century? The essays in this volume challenge the conventional understanding of reconciliation as a benign state-driven process. They explore how a range of civil society actors – from Turkish intellectuals apologizing for the Armenian Genocide to religious organizations working towards the improvement of Franco-German relations – have confronted and coped with the past. These studies offer a critical perspective on local and transnational reconciliation acts by questioning the extent to which speech became an alternative to silence, remembrance to forgetting, engagement to oblivion.


LINGUA : inglese
ARGOMENTI : # in Società e scienze sociali / Società e cultura / Studi culturali (Cultural studies)
TAG : tag: history , History and Memory , War and Society , Reconciliation , Armenian Genocide , Franco-German Relations , Human rights , Contemporary History , Memory Culture , politics , globalization , Civil Society , Political science , cultural studies
FONTE : ISBN: 9783837619317|9783839419311; transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, Germany; Serie: Erinnerungskulturen / Memory Cultures