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This is to certify that H. H. Flagg ... Gold Hill Fire Department ...

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens,


Image of a firefighter's membership certificate from the Gold Hill Fire Department of Gold Hill, Nevada, made out in manuscript to H. H. Flagg and dated May 22, 1867, with multiple vignettes including bare-chested goddesses riding two horses, with one holding a triton; a manual fire engine and a steam fire engine; a firefighter returning a rescued baby to its mother; a wounded firefighter on a mattress being nursed by a young woman while another fireman on a ladder behind them lowers a bundle tied in a rope; two eye-level exterior views of firehouses, both labeled 'Yellow Jacket Engine Ho.'; and an elevated landscape view presumably of the town of Gold Hill, Nevada; the certificate and vignettes are decorated with borders containing ivy leaves, bean pods, grapes, and other plants and firefighting equipment including fire hydrants, hoses, ladders, hats, speaking trumpets, a lantern, censers, and axes. | Date based on year certificate was issued to recipient. 'Lith. H.S. Crocker & Co. S.F. Cala.'--text, bottom left of image. 'This is to certify H.H. Flagg was on the 22nd.. day of May 1867 duly elected an active member of Yellow Jacket No. 2 Company No. 2 attached to the Gold Hill Fire Department John T. Riorden President. [blank] Chief Engineer. Wm. H. Cremer [?] Secretary.'--text of certificate, printed and handwritten.
Collection: Jay T. Last Collection | Firefighting | The Jay T. Last Collection of Graphic Arts and Social History, Huntington Digital Library
Medium: 1 lithograph : color printed ; overall 55.25 x 68.9 cm (21 3/4 x 27 1/8 in.)