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Stele of Eight Scenes of the Guanzhong Plain (Guan zhong ba jing): Eternal snow on Taibai Mountain (Tai bai ji xue) ; Guan zhong ba jing ping ; Guanzhong ba jing -- Tai bai ji xue

Harvard Library


Parte della collezione Chinese rubbings collection
Rubbing of stele depicting Taibai shan -- the Tai Bai (Taibo) Mountain, located in Mei County, Shaanxi Province. Painting and calligraphy by Wu Tinggui (also named Li Yi), Qing artist. Painting depicts Taibai Mt. tops covered with snow, Tai bai ji xue -- the eternal snow on Taibai, 1 of the 8 scenic spots in Central Shaanxi (historically called ""Guan zhong ba jing""). A poem titled ""Tai bai ji xue"" praising Mt. Taibai. Postscript stating the painting was done by Lin Yi, a painter who sold his paintings in market of Changan City. The painting is 1 of 8 screen paintings for artist's friend Sun Yuting. Engraved by Fan Dongxing. 3 seals of Lin Yi follow the inscription and postscript. 1 seal of Fan Dongxing.
Genere: rubbings
Data: 19th. century?
Formato: 125 x 32 cm
Note: Citation/references: Xi'an bei lin quan ji, 1999, Case No. 12, v. 104, p. 351-352. (Tai bai ji xue; full rubbing and all sections) ; Beijing tu shu guan cang hua xiang ta ben hui bian, 1993, v. 10, p. 169. (Tai bai ji xue tu bing shi ba). ; Zhongguo mei shu quan ji, hui hua pian, v. 19, Shi ke xian hua, 1988, pl. 159, p. 171; p. 60. (Guan zhong ba jing ping)General note: Script style: poem in cao shu; postscript in kai shu; title in li shu. ; Tai bai: Ancient Glacier Taibai Mountain, also called Tai Yi Mountain, is the principal peak (the peak, with an altitude of 3,767 meters above sea level) of the Qinling Mountain Range. Taibai Mountain is very like Huashan Mountain, thus, people call it Small Huashan Mountain. Taibaishan located in Mei County, Shaanxi Province. Taibai Mountain is famous for 2 historical references: 1. During a drought in Zhenguan, Tang Dynasty (627-649), Jingzhaoyin (the official in charge of the Metropolitan Area-- Tang Capital, Changan City) successfully preformed a ceremony to pray for rain using the water drawn from lake in Taibai Mountain. 2. ""Taibai ji xue,"" -- the eternal snow on Taibai ( the Taibai Mountains), is 1 of the 8 scenic spots in Central Shaanxi (historically called ""Guan zhong ba jing""). Historical: Stele date: 19th. yr. of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty (1680).
Repository: Fine Arts Library, Special Collections, Harvard University"