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Knots and lashings.



Note: Began publication with Vol. 1, No. 1 (November 3, 1917) Ceased with Vol. 2, No. 14 (February 1, 1919). Cf. CaOONMC. ""A Weekly Newspaper, sanctioned by the Officer Commanding, and published by and for the Men of the E.T.D., St. Johns, Quebec, Canada."" Issues printed after Mar. 1918 edited by S.C. Ells. Includes advertising matter. Issues reproduced: November 2, 1917-June 15, 1918; July 6, 1918-February 1, 1919. volumes : illustrations, maps, portraits ; 35 cm.
Numerazione: 65 issues
Annate totali: 1914-1918"