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Jericho Skull reconstruction from MicroCT data

British Museum


A 3D reconstruction from microCT data scan of the Jericho Skull by Crispin Wiles, STL file rendered for web use by Steven Dey, ThinkSee3D.
See also: https://sketchfab.com/models/bdcf4843e0964da2931aa7ab1fc1b99d
Culture/period: Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (8500 BC- 6000BC)
MicroCT images of the Jericho skull were processed using computer software (VGStudio Max 2.1). This allowed plaster and soil fill to be digitally removed from the images, revealing the underlying bones of the cranium. A square-shaped plug of soil fill remains within the nasal cavity. Further details on the microCT imaging process can be found on the British Museum website.
Dimensions: (width x depth x height) 15.48 cm x 17.46 cm x 16.30 cm


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