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Graphic Illustrations of Animals

Science Museum Group


print. coloured lithograph. 'The Whale' / by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, [c1850], Plate XIII from the volume ""Graphic Illustrations of Animals, showing their utility to man, in their services during life, and uses after death"", J Graf, Printer, published by Roake and Varty, 31 Strand, London. Unsuccesfully fishing for a whale with harpoon with titled vignettes of Sperm [cachelot] Whale fishery; For light - as a guide to mariners [lighthouse using whale oil lamp]; Cutting off the blubber; Commerce - Spermaceti, Ambergris [woman purchasing items in pharmacy]; Manufacture - oil works [from the blubber]; Agriculture - for manure; The Whalebone [from baleen whales - for umbrella spokes and woman's dress frames...]; For Food [Inuit cooking]; For Light - sperm oil and candle [spermaceti, chandelier lamp]."


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DATAZIONE: 1840 - 1850