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Craness and pine trees ; Song he tu

Harvard Library


Parte della collezione Chinese rubbings collection
Rubbing of stele depicting 2 cranes in landscape setting of pine tree, rock, flower (wisteria), lotus and water images. Painting and calligraphy done by Zhu Jiyi. / Stele outlines drawn by Zhou Zaifeng; title tablet calligraphy by Feng Xiu. / 2 seals of Zhu Jiyi follow the inscription.
Genere: rubbings
Data: 19th cent.-early 20th cent.
Formato: 190 x 80 cm
Note: Citation/references: Xi'an bei lin, 1963. p. 94. / Xi'an bei lin quan ji, 1999, Case No. 12, v. 103, p. 285-296. / Shannxi gu dai shi ke yi shu, 1995, p. 211-212.General note: Script style: in kai shu. ; Song he tu (Cranes and Pine trees)-- cranes and pine trees have long been Chinese symbols of longevity and good health. A Pair of Cranes symbolizes ""Long Marriage"", as Cranes mate for life. ; Rubbing from stele with inscriptions on both sides. On the other side of the stele is ""Guan zhong ba jing tu"" painting and inscription also by Zhu Jiyi. ; Original stele is currently in Xi'an bei lin, exhibition room 4. ; F-13 (192 x 80 cm) and F-14 (191 x 81 cm) are duplicates. Historical: Stele date: Spring of 19th. yr. of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty (1680).
Repository: Fine Arts Library, Special Collections, Harvard University"