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Woollen carpet with dark blue ground with four bands of large trees and shrubs surrounded by reciprocal white and red triangles. The lowest and Rd are the same design and the 2nd and upper are same design, with pairs of half willow trees in each band. There is a scattering of small stylised flower heads and S-motifs in the upper half especially in the 3rd band. The trunk of each central tree forms a central line down the length of the carpet.

Main border has a blue ground with dark purple angular meander outlined in red with stylised blossoms and leaves (there are no leaves in the upper or lower border - it becomes a serrated stem. Opposite the 3rd band the meander is interrupted by a human figure standing on top of an animal (horned on the right and horse like on the lef).

On the vertical sides the inner border has an orange ground with X motifs in various colours and the lower side is decorated with floral meander on an orange ground.

The outer border is trimmed with blossoms in various colours between black lines on red ground.

Warp is a light brown wool with Z3S and a 13 threads per inch (50-52 per sm).

Weft decorated with shades of red wool and consists of Z2S, 2 shoots after each row of knots and 709 knots per inch (27-32 per dm).

Wool pile is decorated with 10 colours: red, orange, yellow, green, light green, dark blue, blue, dark purple, black, white. It has a symmetrical knot tied around 2 threads and 45-58 knots per sq. inch (675-832 per sq. dm).

The side finish consists of two cords overcast with red wool and dark purple wool (lower left).

End finish consists of a plain weave and is lower: max. 7 cms. The top part is decorated with red weft and lower with brown. Warp ends have been worked back into the band, possibly during conservation. These may have been warp loops. There are 2 passes of decorative cream wool weft. Upper: 3 cms. of plain weave with red weft and with 4 passes of decorative dark green wool. Evidence of warp fringe with one knot at top and a second below this.


LICENZA : (c)Victoria and Albert Museum, London
ARGOMENTI : # in Arti
PAESI : Iran
DATAZIONE: 1800 - 1899