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Warp: white cotton; Z4S; depressed; 39-44 threads per inch (152-176 per dm).

Weft: white cotton; Z3S; 1 shoot after each row of knots; 23-24 knots per inch (92-96 per dm.)

Pile: wool; 12 colours: dark red, red, orange, yellow, dark green, light green, dark blue, blue, light blue, pink, light brown, white; symmetrical knot tied around 1 threads; 448-528 knots per inch (6992-8448 per sq. dm).

Side finish: one cord oversewn with green silk.

End finish: Lower: 0.5 cm. plain weave with green wool weft with a pass of yellow/light brown wool, these form a plait on the left hand side; 2 lines of warp twining, 2 rows of knots, 2 rows of warp twining and 1 row of knots and then loose warp threads. Upper: as lower but with green wool weft and red/green decorative weft with the remains of a plait on the left; warp loops form a fringe.

Design: Field: white ground with small-scale Herati design with a red diamond with pink blossoms to either side; the curling leaves are orange/light blue with a dark blue central line. There are 9 and 2 half bands of diamonds. The lower 10 cms. of the field has very few of the tiny red details that are profuse above.

Main border: dark red ground with floral meander; the stem is dark blue with alternating yellow and light blue rosettes with white bar-like leaves and green diagonal leaves.

Inner and outer borders: yellow ground with clusters of small light blue, white and pink flowers. On either side of these is a light blue border with a small floral meander with a dark blue stem and mainly pink flowers and green diamond leaves. Along the lower outermost border green flowers alternate with the pink.
MEDIUM: weaving, wool and cotton


LICENZA : ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London
ARGOMENTI : # in Arti
PAESI : Iran
DATAZIONE: 1800 - 1899