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Bulletin of the Canadian Army Medical Corps.



Note: Began publication with Vol. I. No. 1 (March, 1918.) Ceased publication with Vol. I, No. 8 (May 1919) CaQMMM. Issued from the Office of the Director General, Medical Services Overseas Military Forces of Canada. Editors: J. George Adami, Dara J. Cochrane and Andrew Macphail. The NLM catalogue notes that in December 1917 one (?) number of Bulletin of the Army Medical Corps was published by the Canadian Army Medical Training Depot No. 2. No copy of this publication has been found and it is not clear if these publications are connected. Includes advertising matter. Issues reproduced: March, 1918-November, 1918. numbers : illustrations ; 28 cm.
Numerazione: 7 issues
Annate totali: 1914-1918