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Breath o' the heather.



Note: Began publication with No. 1 (April, 1917) Ceased with No. 7 (April, 1918). Cf. http://www.clanmacleanatlantic.org/his-kilties-breath.html, p. 10. Newspaper of the 236th Battalion, the New Brunswick Kilties, published wherever the Battalion happened to be stationed. ""Issued by Permission of Lieut.-Col. Percy A. Guthrie, O.C. 236th Batt. C.E.F."" ""A Regimental Journal printed and published on active service by the 236th O.S. Batt., New Brunswick Kilties."" ""With this issue [April 1918] the ""Breath 'o The Heather"" completes its first year as the Kilties' regimental journal. During the past twelve months we have published six numbers from Fredericton, Valcartier, Boston, Quebec and Montreal, and now that the battalion has been broken up, this the Seaford-Bramshott issue concludes the series, at least for the time.""-- http://www.clanmacleanatlantic.org/his-kilties-breath.html, p. 10. Editor: Capt. J.D. Black; Manager Capt. Percy F. Godenrath. Place of pub. varies (Fredericton, Montreal, Valcartier, Quebec, Boston, Montreal, shipboard, Bramshott, England) Number 7 (November, 1917) is published in despatch form from the ship, H.M.T. ""Canada"", heading to England. The final issue includes a letter dated May 28, 1919, from P.A. Guthrie, encouraging members of the Kilties to form a ""McLean Highlanders Veterans' Association."" Includes advertising matter. Issues reproduced: April, 1917-November, 1917 (2 issues); April, 1918. There are 2 issues numbered 7. 8 numbers : illustrations, portraits ; 31 cm.
Numerazione: 8 issues
Annate totali: 1914-1918"