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Box, lid and tray, of squared form and with rounded corners, and with an overhanging lid that has scalloped edges to accomodate a gilt metal, leaf-shaped fitting (for a cord, now missing) in the centre of the base on each main side; the lid exterior is decorated with pine and bamboo on a rocky outcrop, together with a pair of Tokugawa mon (family crests), with the subject continuing round the sides in gold and silver takamaki-e (""high sprinkled picture"") and hiramaki-e (""low sprinkled picture""), with gold and silver kirikane (""cut gold"") and gold and silver foil on a nashi-ji (pear skin ground) lacquer. The interior of the box, lid and tray is of nashi-ji lacquer and the underside of the tray and box is of black lacquer sparsely sprinkled with gold powder.
MEDIUM: Wood covered in gold and silver lacquer"


LICENZA : ©Monika Bincsik/Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto/Victoria & Albert Museum, London
ARGOMENTI : # in Arti / Stili artistici / Stili artistici (non classificati per data) / Arte orientale
PAESI : Giappone
TAG : tag: Victoria and Albert Museum , V&A , Digital Collections
DATAZIONE: 1750 - 1800