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This box would have been used as a storage container for possibly either writing tools or scrolls. The fine openwork patterning can be found on a variety of Iranian wood objects, including spoons, the handles of dervish bowls, boxes, and Quran stands. Many of the wooden objects during the nineteenth century were manufactured in the large town of Abadeh, which was known for its fine wood production.

This box would have been made from a variety of carving tools, the most unusual one being a file or saw, known in Persian as a marpa. The lattice work pattern would have been achieved by first drilling the pattern with a fiddle drill, before removing the remaining wood with a coarser marpa, and finally piercing the remaining wood with a very fine marpa. The process was time consuming and required both a steady and delicate hand.
MEDIUM: Carved wood with metal screws


LICENZA : ©Victoria & Albert Museum, London
ARGOMENTI : # in Arti
PAESI : Iran
DATAZIONE: 1860 - 1889