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Hand-woven, very light weight carpet with a light red ground decorated with many bands of various patterns alternating with bands of solid colour. There are no borders.

Bands from the lower end:
(1) undecorated dark brown.
(2) narrow dark red edged with white.
(3) dark brown with a row of dark red octagons outlined with light red. Each octagon has a small dark and light red pendant above and below and is joined to its neighbour by a green line.
(4) as (2)
(5) as (1)
(6) undecorated dark red
(7) undecorated green
(8) undecorated light red with sawtooth reciprocal edge with undecorated dark brown
(9) wide band of undecorated dark red
(10) as (8)
(11) as (7)
(12) as (6)
(13) dark blue ground with 2 offset rows of dark red flowerheads separated by a light red lattice.
(14) dark red ground with wide band of decoration: row of green X-motifs separated by white vertical lines beginning around a dark blue dot and continuing upwards to form the lower border of a row of green and light red diamonds outlined in dark blue. This sequence is then reflected immediately above.
(15) as (13)
Repeat (6) to (11)
(22) as (3) but different colours
(23) green ground as (14) but different colours and with the white border and X-motifs being replaced with a solid row of blocks of dark red and dark blue outlined in light red.
(24) as (22)
Repeat (7) to (12)
(31) dark blue ground with 3 offset bands of red and light red flowerheads
(32) dark red ground with 5 offset bands of green and dark blue flowerheads within a white and yellow octagonal lattice.
(33) as (31)
Repeat (6) to (12)
(41) wide dark blue band with inward facing reciprocal octagons outlined with white. Along the centre of the band are light red diamonds with a horizontal bar at either end from which 3 lines extend, ending with a small light and dark red diamond.
Repeat (6) to (22)
(59) as (7)
(60) as (6)
(61) dark blue ground as (32) but different colours
(62) dark red ground with 2 rows of green diamonds outlined with white
(63) as (7)
(64) undecorated light red.
(65) wide dark blue band with a row of small crosses in dark red outlined in light red. Above these is a row of large dark red diamonds with dark blue centres, then an offset row of green diamonds and then a repeat of the dark red/dark blue diamonds and the row of small red diamonds.
(66) as (64)
(67) as (7)
(68) as (62)
(69) as (7)
(70) as (64)
(71) dark red ground with green flowerheads with red centres separated by white lines ending in a small white and dark blue dot.
Repeat (7) to (12)
(78) dark blue ground as (3)
(79) as (14) with X-motifs.
(80) as (78)
Repeat (6) to (12)
(96) as (31)
(97) as (32)

Technique: Flatweave: weft faced plainweave with weft float patterning.

WARP: light brown wool; Z2S; 11 threads per inch (42 per dm).

WEFT: dark red, light red, yellow, green, dark blue, dark brown, white (7 colours) wool; Z-spun, unplied, 2 parallel threads per shoot; 36 threads per inch (144 per dm)

SIDES AND ENDS: cut and bound with a variety of fabrics machine stitched in place includinga fine black wool printed with a floral design, a striped fabric predominantly black, green, red and yellow and a fine diagonally striped wool predominantly red, blue and green.
MEDIUM: Woollen weft-faced plainweave with weft float patterning.


LICENZA : (c)Victoria and Albert Museum, London
ARGOMENTI : # in Arti
PAESI : Iran
DATAZIONE: 1880 - 1900