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A Matter of Perspective



Maybe there is a right or wrong, a good or evil? But maybe there isn’t. Maybe all there is, is a matter of perspective. To gift a video or if you want Sprouts to make such videos support us via Full script: That's Mister Phillip. Now because Joe is there too, he is small. Once Anna shows up, even Joe doesn't look that tall. In fact, all three of them are tiny. Size is a matter of perspective. When we look at a rainbow, we see an endless spectrum of colors. To describe them, we need to put them into buckets. Purple, blue, green, yellow, and red. For a lack of understanding and language, we can’t describe and classify most shadings in between. People who speak a different language, therefore put each colour into a slightly different buckets. "Red" means different things, to different people. Colours are a matter of perspective. Our first 9 months were probably peaceful, then there was war, but soon peace again. We grew up and there were struggles that soon after, lead to friendships. We grow older and it gets difficult, but then also beautiful. If we were to go back in time and change one tiny detail, everything could have been different. Tim took a cookie. Ann said he stole it. The teacher thinks that Tim is bad. His dad said that he was just hungry. The economist professor thinks, it was a rational choice to maximize utility. The behavioral biologist believes that his hormones drove him to do it and the neuroscientist thinks its his brain. A psychologist looks for the answer in his past and the priest points to God. Everyone has a perspective, and no one really knows Tim. We all have different genes and our own particular past, sometimes good and sometimes bad. The result is our own unique point of view in this world. Even if we listen to the same songs, read the same books, or smell the same flowers, these are not the same songs, books or flowers. Because what we actually hear, read and smell is our own interpretation created by personal memories and imagination. Each book, each song and each flower is different to everyone of us. Everything is a matter of perspective. So when we say "this is good" or "that is bad", we do that from our own subjective point of view. Sometimes it's better to be quiet and listen. If someone is sad or angry, we can try to imagine how the world looks from that person's point of view. Maybe we see what they see and develop compassion. Maybe there is a right or wrong, a good or evil? But maybe there isn’t. Maybe all there is, is compassion or ignorance. Until proven right or wrong, let’s be kind to each other.
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LINGUA : inglese
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TAG : tag: education , Learning , science , Perspective , relativism , moralism , judgmental
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