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A Didyma Sculpture

British Museum


Seated, over life-sized marble statue of a man.
The back of the throne is lower than usual, so that the shoulders are in the round. The hair is in narrow knobbed tresses which end in a waved edge. The right hand was beside the right hip, palm upwards, the left rests on the knee. The feet are separated by only a toe's width.
The Ionic chiton in the upper part shows vertical bands of plain surface alternating with delicate waved crinkling; the lower part is smooth. Six low rounded folds fall in the centre, splaying at the bottom; the lower edge shows a grooved border and drops between the feet. The arrangement of the mantle is unusual; it passes over both shoulders round the back and is then wrapped round the legs with a bunch of straight folds across the lap; the chiton is thus exposed to the waist. The throne shows mortising in incision; the left finial is well preserved. Circa 560 BC
Height: 1.31 metres
British Museum COL: http://bit.ly/26EXRw0 1859,1226.1
A model by Daniel Pett using a Canon DSLR.


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