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"Atlas Tyrolensis, with detailed copper engraving individual maps, 58x44, integrated into collection of 20 folded maps in 2 parts: ""Tyrol gegen Norden"" and Tyrol gegen Suden"". Drawn by Peter Anich and his student Blasius Hueber. Published by Johann Ernst Mansfeld, Vienna 1774. Title from sheet XV. Covers the area of Tyrol between Algau, Waldeck, Zell am See, and Lake Garda in the south. Relief shown by hachures and pictorially. Includes index sheet (scale 1:500,000), legend and elaborate decorative cartouches. The legend in the lower left corner of sheet XVI marks cities, villages, landmarks, mountain passes, glaciers, mines, rivers, lakes, bishop’s seats, postal stations, etc. Atlas is bound in marbled covered boards with label pasted on the front reading ""Atlas Tyrolensis"" in gold print. Because of its size and elaborate details the map became one of the greatest cartographic achievements of the 18th century. Anich and Huber both came from modest backgrounds and had to develop many survey techniques themselves and were known as “peasant cartographers”. Anich surveyed the north part, but he could not finish the project himself. His assistant became his student Blasius Huber, who helped him mapping the south Tyrol."