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Codice nazionale e linee guida internazionali

Biblioteche Oggi,


The literature on REICAT has been contained; their application was partial in BNI and in the Italian libraries, after seven years of their publication. One reason was the inability to implement the changes introduced by the code with the existing SBN computer system. The structure of the voice is very good. The key points are the precise historical framework, and the comparison between the new code, the previous rules and practice of SBN. It, however, still makes sense to have an Italian code (the only one in the world) in a globalized environment? Or if it is better, and more useful to contribute to the drafting of RDA, already implemented by March 31, 2013, developing our rich cultural heritage and our cataloging tradition on an international scale?


LINGUA : italiano
LICENZA : Tutti i diritti riservati
ARGOMENTI : # in Opere di consultazione / Biblioteconomia
FONTE : Biblioteche oggi; Vol 35 (2017): Gennaio-Febbraio; 52-56