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Road from the King's Lyn to Harwich.

David Rumsey Map Collection,


"First edition, large paper copy. Chubb: ""This is the first survey of the roads of England and Wales. It is composed of 102 copper plates and 200 pages of text. The maps are engraved on strips representing bands of ribbon of about 2 1/2 inches in width. On most plates six strip maps are given; but in some cases there are seven. They show the main roads only with the side roads indicated. The distances are shown in miles along the roads, and the villages and mansions named, and in some cases the names of residents are given."" Ogilby was one of the finest mapmakers of his day in England and he intended to publish two additional volumes in this series: a volume of city views and a volume of topographical descriptions of all of England and Wales. Ogilby's method of strip maps to show roads was copied well into the twentieth century. While it is familiar to us today, in 1675 it was a radical departure from conventional cartographic methods. Relief shown by sketches. A series of linear road maps with mileages. Each map is followed by two pages of descriptive text."


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FONTE : John Ogilby. London