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Qui una guida (in inglese) su come giocare su Internet Arcade, molto importante la notazione dei comandi da tastiera utilizzabili. Qui invece le FAQ di Internet Archive sulla risoluzione dei problemi, anche queste in inglese.
Mix together a little bit of Space Invaders and a lot of cold war nuclear panic and you get 'Red Alert', released by Irem in 1981. Your mission in Red Alert is to defend six cities around the world from an unnamed 'enemy attack'. You'll begin in Paris, protecting the Eiffel tower from enemy bombers, then move on New York, Rome, London, Germany, and the final battle over Japan's Mt. Fuji. Red Alert's gameplay is similar to Space Invaders, but the color graphics and varied gameplay are considerably more sophisticated. You'll need to carefully move your launcher left and right, avoiding enemies and firing rockets to take them down. If you take too long to destroy the enemy wave, a MIRV will be launched over the city, splitting into multiple warheads over and over again. Will you succumb to the onslaught, or emerge victorious and see the amazing 'PEACE FOREVER' screen at the end of the game?


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