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Heights Of The Principal Mountains In The World.

David Rumsey Map Collection,


"In full color with length of rivers shown opposite the moutains. List of heights by country given with corresponding number on mountain ranges. This atlas was published by Tanner to reach a broader market (i.e. less expensive) than his earlier large format American Atlas, with smaller pages and expanded coverage of non American areas. It was first issued in parts, beginning in 1834. The non American maps may be partly derived from the Dower/Teesdale General Atlas of 1831 - see P3549 & P772. North America map has states in different colors and has the following differences from the 1843 Atlas copy: San Felipe de Austin (as opposed to San Felipe in the 1843), and Sioux and Wisconsin Dists (not in the 1843 edition). Wheat mistakenly uses a post 1836 issue as an illustration in Trans Miss and calls it 1836. The Mexico map has differences from 1843 issue: Houston appears in 1843 and not in 1836, and San Felipe de Austin in 1836 is San Felipe in 1843. The Michigan map changes substantially between the 1836, the 1842, and the 1843 editions, especially the shoreline. See notes to the (1838) edition which also has a title page dated 1836. Bound in half leather, marbled paper covered boards, with ""Tanner's Universal Atlas. 1836."" stamped in gilt along the spine. Full color."


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FONTE : H.S. Tanner. Philadelphia