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22:31:27:02 - 22:52:36:02 B/W Sound 1944 X Marks the Spot by the State of New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles. Prologue delivered by Commissioner Arthur W. Magee. Careless & inconsiderate drivers cause accidents & deaths during war time. New Jersey driver Joe is killed at an intersection in a residential area. His guardian angel man (looks like gangster) takes him before the judge where examples of every type of driving mistake is made by the deceased. Good examples of early road rage, sliding through intersection, cutting another driver off, almost hitting boy. Good ambulance racing to scene. Preachy toward ending, breaks the fourth wall, with viewing audience as jury. 22:31:27:02 - 22:34:46:08 B/W Sound 1944 Prologue delivered by Commissioner Arthur W. Magee seated at desk. Woman secretary taking dictation. Magee talks about safety on the road during war time. HA cityscape of New Jersey city (population 20,000). Full stadium becomes empty stadium as example of traffic deaths & injuries. VS cars on highways, roads. Man's feet pushing in clutch & break in car, turning steering wheel. 1941 Nash appears in parking space at curb by hardware store. CU of inspection sticker. Edmon Ryan (as Joe Doakes), driver, gestures w/ hand to camera. Elderly man backs into him w/ his 1929 (?) Ford. He backs into 1941 Chevrolet behind him, pulls out in front of another late model sedan & rides along its side down street. 22:34:46:21 - 22:37:22:15 B/W Sound 1944 Man tailgating driver on residential street. Man in coat & hat walking toward street, light changes from green to yellow, Nash almost runs over him at curb, cross walk, intersection. Exchange of angry words. Man gets into back seat & out the other side leaving both back doors open, funny, wacky. Traffic jam forms in street. Residential intersection, various cars moving through. Sedan comes toward camera down middle of residential street, Nash coming down intersecting street. X appears in the street where the two cars will meet. Great man in hat & coat holding fingers in ears, squinting eyes, as the two cars crash - surprise, shock, fear. Crowd gathers at crash site (car on side) w/ police taking statements, moving people. Body covered in street. Ghost rises from man's body, sitting up. Ghost hand, man guardian angel (George Matthew), dressed in graduation robe, taps him on shoulder. The two men walk together into clouds. Car accidents. 22:37:23:09 - 22:41:56:09 B/W Sound 1944 The two men walk up to judge (Richard Gordo) seated at bench. White haired judge stops writing in large book, puts quill pen in holder. Looks name up in book. Judge says he's not due for another 20 years, blames angel. Angel defends himself by giving examples of how Joe is the worst driver in New Jersey. Joe pulls A ration coupons (used for gasoline) from coat. Angel holds long scroll of all the mistakes Joe made driving: Poor night driver: POV car w/ couple walking next to curb, headlight glare into lens. Speeding: GREAT light changes, foot hits the brake, sedan car slides on wet pavement (hydroplanes) through intersection right in front of on coming car, stops at curb. Cutting driver off: two sedans traveling down road, center lane car (Nash) makes right turn into other car's path. Failure to stop at an intersection: almost runs over family crossing street. Father & child run. 22:41:56:28 - 22:44:33:27 B/W Sound 1944 Angel man talking to judge. Nash traveling down road, passing School Zone sign without slowing down. Boys playing in school yard, boys throws ball into street, low angle up of man (Joe) in car, boy runs into street next to Nash, man slams on brakes, gets out of car, boy runs back into school yard to join other children. Man sits back in car seat, gently rubs head. Loud crash heard over speakers over clock. Weird, surreal clock on wall w/ numbers of accidents & numbers for injured & fatalities. Numbers increase (after crash sound) under injuries, two men turn to look solemnly. Judge crosses off name in large book w/ quill pen. Turns pages back. Nash tailgating car up steep hill, POV car tries to pass, truck coming head on, forces sedan car behind him off to side of road. 22:44:34:08 - 22:51:00:06 B/W Sound 1944 Angel man continues talking to judge. Nice shot of him telling guardian he wants the whole truth, adamant about drunk driving. Judge points at clock which records accident in this state (New Jersey) every twenty minutes. Inspection sticker on broken windshield handed to judge. Examples of bad pedestrians: Man crosses street in middle of block (jaywalking) between traffic, crossing diagonally at intersection. Great white ambulance (Chevrolet ?) speeding to scene, attendance loading stretcher into back of ambulance. Nash drives down street in residential section as VO of angel explaining about Joe's headache from drinking the night before. Judge frees ghost after 15 years as Joe's driving conscience. Angel man crumbles scroll excitedly & faints. 22:50:21:16 - 22:52:36:02 B/W Sound 1944 Clock that records traffic accident injuries and fatalities for New Jersey (supposedly in Heaven), ticking away. Judge strokes his chin, looking down at man. SOUND car crash. Another crash totals change on clock again. Great CU face of man looking up with worried, concerned expression. He pleads to judge. Judge turns to appeal to the jury (the viewer) for sentencing (breaking the forth wall, self aware). Audience to become jury. Great elderly male judge talking to camera - authority, law and order. • 22:34:46:20- 22:35:00:04 Driving POV from the back seat of car looking out the windshield. We tailgate another car (and try to pass it) as we drive down a wide street with houses on one side and stores on the other. Looks like a busy street. Several pedestrians stop at the intersection ahead. • 22:35:41:28- 22:35:50:29 View of intersection in a middle- or upper-middle class residential neighborhood in New Jersey. The homes are large with nice front yards. Sidewalks line the streets. Two cars pass each other (there are no stop signs). worth noting: Nice nighttime driving POV. The car's headlights create limited vision on the dark road. Up ahead is a couple walking along the side of the road. Eerie shot.(22:40:19:19- 22:40:26:10)


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