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New England: Yesterday and Today

Prelinger Archives,


GS Plymouth Rock and memorial building at Plymouth, Mass. CU Plymouth Rock with 1620 engraved on it Superimposed images over Rock: Pilgrims arriving by boat Pan over Plymouth cemetery on Burial Hill at sunset VS Boston: Beacon Hill CU street sign at intersection of Louisburg Square and Pinckney Street Montage of Revolutionary War scenes: statues, battlefield scenes, Lexington and Concord, Minutemen, Bunker Hill monument, troops ascending hill Pan down Bunker Hill Monument, later superimposed with battlefield scenes Continue pan down Bunker Hill Monument LS U.S.S. Constitution “Old Ironsides” VS Constitution VS old sailing ships (clippers) in harbor and sailing at sea CU mariner’s compass in cockpit Gloucester harbor: GS boats coming in and out VS fishing boats in Gloucester harbor; workers winding, inspecting, drying fishing nets Windmill wipe to windmill rotating (good shot of rotating blades of old windmill) Windmill at Eastham, Cape Cod, Mass. CU shaft of windmill grinding Cliffs of Martha’s Vineyard Indian potters at Oak Bluffs, Mass. CU glass artisan admiring work MCU, CU Old sailor talking to young boy on dock (VS) CU hand writing on pad Writer Joseph C. Lincoln sitting in armchair looking over water Shavings and wooden toys in Cape Cod CU steam whistle Ship pulling into Nantucket CU lifering :”Wharf Rat Club” Wharf Rat Club in Nantucket VS street scenes on Nantucket, cobblestoned streets, buildings with sign “1772” Vignetted scene of woman walking back and forth on “widow’s walk”, looking for sailor LS lighthouse in evening CU rotating light at top of lighthouse at night LS lighthouse at dusk LS Provincetown VS shops, houses in Provincetown LS town crier walking past houses in Provincetown CU: sign for “Jethro Coffin House” on Nantucket Interior scenes at Coffin house, including spinning wheel, horseshoe on fireplace, etc. Old wooden figures by bench and well VS clichéd interiors of New England replete with antiques, redolent of the past VS homes and Colonial buildings of New England (good) CU knocker at Jared Coffin house (1823) VS Summer houses at Siasconset, Nantucket, Mass. Emily Post picking flowers outside New England house VS Diners eating at New England-style restaurants Wipe to lobster pot being pulled out of water VS lobsters being pulled from pot Chef puts lobster into broiler CU trays with hands eating and shaking salt VS diners in railroad car] LS streamlined New Haven RR engine on curve VS interiors of passenger cars VS POVs from railroad window, showing countryside VS mansions at Newport, Rhode Island Pan from mansion lawn to beach LS Charles River with Harvard buildings in background Pan up chapel at Harvard Yard Pan down Yale University Library tower Pan down Harkness tower at Yale University LS Julius ___, painter of New England scenes MS he paints VS painters making pictures of female model and nature scenes CU riders on train looking out From train window, moving shot of beaches at or near Niantic, Conn. VS swimmers on Long Island Sound, Casco Bay, etc. People stepping into power boat Power boat pulling away from dock (VS) Small harbor with small boats (VS) VS small sailboats in cove Larger boats VS Racing sloops off Newport, R.I. (shot from water) LS golfers on golf course with mountains in background Tennis players on tennis court in Berkshires Horseback riding in Berkshires Hikers near Mount Mansfield, Vermont Hikers against sky on mountain Cannon Mountain aerial tramway; people on car passing by POVs out of tramway car Passengers mounting car of Mount Washington Cog Railway VS trains on Cog Railway Pan from top of Mount Cadillac on Mount Desert Island, Maine VS Mount Desert Island Pan of rocks along Maine Coast, spectators looking down at sea LS Stowe, Vermont, church steeple visible (good New England town) Smugglers Notch, New Hampshire Falls of Amonoosic River (check spelling) Waterfalls Fisherman up to his waist in stream Hikers at Moosehead Lake, Maine Boat and fisherman on Lake MS canoeist netting fish Row of fish hanging on stick Deer by lake in evening People dancing at night in lodge People hanging around campfire Chefs cooking lobster at beach party People eating at beach party Bonfire on sand in middle of beach party End sequence: VS superimposed over dancing flames: train, ship, old Nantucket streets, Plymouth Rock, many scenes from earlier in film


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