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Chevrolet Leader News (Vol. 3, No. 2)

Prelinger Archives,


FISHERMAN GOES OVERBOARD, WRESTLES DEEP-SEA GIANT. Two fishermen on fishing boat spot their prey and clean their harpoon. Man dives in and wrestles with huge turtle; lands it, hoists it on top of 1937 Chevrolet and drive off. NEW LIMOUSINE FOR HORSES: POLICE STEEDS TAKE IT EASY. Detroit policemen are shown saddling up horse; they march out of stable to a van pulled by a Chevrolet truck; horses dismount from trailer; CU of policeman directing traffic in city of Detroit. GOLF INSTRUCTOR FINDS FORM BETTER ALONG OCEAN BEACH. Golfer performs tricks with bathing beauties around a 1937 Chevrolet. He drives the golf ball off car as it travels along beach with women. FARMERS WAR AGAINST DUST: FIGHT TO SAVE WHEAT CROP. Dust Bowl: wind blowing soil in Kansas farm; devastation along fence row. Wind blows. Well riggers drilling water well. Farmer pulls ditches across field with his tractor for irrigation. CU of Chevrolet engine pumping water from well; water in irrigation ditch; shows field with grass growing. Pan shot to ditch filled with water. Pan of deserted farm. 1937 Chevrolet drives to farm buildings; lots of dust and soil on road. CU of Chevrolet engine pumping water. DOGGY CROWD GETS RINGSIDE SEATS FOR PUSSYWEIGHT BATTLE. Two cats in boxing ring battle it out; dogs at ringside watch. Paws are covered with safety gloves to protect cats' eyes and faces. shotlist from PA-0555: 18:19:20:15 CU special-effect of article headline cut from newspaper article rises up out of newspaper text: newspaper headline reads “Fisherman Goes Overboard; Wrestles with Deep Sea Giant” 18:19:27:13 VS captain standing on deck with another man on small fishing boat both scan the horizon shielding their eyes from the sun with their hands, boat is called the Jolly Rover; low-angle man wearing all black spots something; splash in the water; LS man on fishing boat throws harpoon, man takes off his shirt then dives into the water; fisherman pull onboard a giant sea turtle, boat name and origin on side of small boat “Jolly Rover Miami, Fla.”, audio track narration as fisherman pull sea turtle on deck: “And here comes the soap, he’s even bringing along his own bowl”; fishermen flip giant sea turtle on its back; great CU giant sea turtle with rope around its neck; horrifying shot of sea turtle flipped on its back tied with rope to deck of boat, swells in water from fishing boat in background, over-exposure on sea turtle’s white underside. 18:20:37:14 VS men using a rope and pulley pull giant seat turtle onto top of late 1930s early 1940s Chevrolet car; CU sea turtle tied with rope to roof of car; late 1930s Chevrolet drives off with 200 + lb. sea turtle on top of car. 18:21:10:05 CU Newspaper headline cut-out over backdrop of newspaper, shadow of floating cutout on newspaper background, headline reads “New Limousine for Horses; Police Steeds Take It Easy” 18:21:18:19 VS inside police horse stable, police officer lowers horse saddle from ceiling of stable; CU disembodied police officer’s hands fastening saddle onto horse; VS police officers walking horses out door of stable and into Detroit Police Horse transportation truck; VS Detroit Police truck transporting police horses, driving through Detroit passing 1930s cars parked on street; police officers ride out of back of truck on horses; low-angle shot Detroit Police Officer on horse back; LS police officer directing traffic in Detroit on horse back, 1930s cars on street. 18:22:30:09 CU newspaper article headline “Golf Instructor Finds Form Better Along Ocean Beach” over newspaper page background 18:22:38:23 CU three set of disembodied women’s legs, woman wearing round black frame glasses enters frame on hands and knees looking through women’s legs; LS five women in bathing suits on beach beside 1930s car watch man hit golf shot on beach; two women wearing 1930s style bathing suits standing on top of 1930s Chevrolet parked on beach, man hits golf ball off beach to women on top of car, women catch ball and through it back down to man who does it again; golfer instructs woman on beach on how to how to wing golf club, five women leaning up against and lying on top of 1930s Chevrolet parked on beach look on, man holds woman’s waits as she swings club 18:23:09:03 woman on beach in bathing suits watch, several leaning up against 1930s Chevrolet parked on beach watching on admiringly as golfer hits ball hanging from string held by a woman 18:23:17:15 Great shot golfer stands on hood of 1930s Chevrolet, woman tees up golf ball on wheel cover of car, man drives golf ball off of car; four women in bathing suit watch man perform with, two lying on top of car; golfer on beach hits golf ball teed up on woman’s foot, several woman watch man perform trick lying on Chevrolet car parked behind golfer on beach; great tracking shot golfer stands on top of 1930s Chevrolet hit golf balls as car drives across beach 18:23:40:22 CU newspaper article headline cut out and superimposed over newspaper, article headline “Farmers War Against Dust; Fight To Save Wheat Crops” 18:23:49:14 VS farms according to narration “along the edge of the Texas panhandle” amidst dust storm, farmland covered in sand. 18:24:02:23 Pan down giant drill, men working around base of drill digging for water 18:24:17:05 Man standing on plow pulled by tractor 18:24:24:13 CU automobile engine used as water pump on farm; pan over irrigation trench; CU automobile engine; pan over field covered with first sprouts of wheat crop to irrigation trench; CU water gushing out of pipe. 18:24:56:18 pan over dust and sand piled up against barbed wire fence of farm, late 1930s Chevrolet enters frame and drives down dusty rural road. 18:25:06:06 Car engine being used to pump water, water flowing beneath engine into irrigation canal. 18:25:12:24 CU newspaper headline cut-out superimposed over newspaper page, article headline “Doggy Crowd Gets Ringside Seats at Pussyweight Battle” 18:25:20:01 Sign on wood fence with text painted as though in a child’s hand “Big Fight Tonight Admishun _ Pound Liver or 2 Bunches Catnip”, several dogs enters frame run past sign through gap in fence 18:25:27:29 Two cats tied up in corner of boxing ring with boxing glove mittens on their paws; row of dogs lined up as though in bleachers; CU cat chained to corner of mini boxing ring, cat has boxing gloves on, pan over to other cat in boxing ring 18:25:51:11 VS two dogs facing camera in front of mini typewriters cross-cut with VS cats fighting in boxing ring 18:26:59:04 CU spinning Chevrolet hubcap.


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