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Carte Des Isles Decouvertes Aux Environs D'Otahiti, dans Plusieurs Voyages Faits Autour Du Monde Par Les Capitaines Byron, Wallis, Carteret & Cook. En 1765, 1767,1769.



This is a fine map shows the explorations of Captain Cook, Captain Byron, Captain Wallis and Captain Carteret in the vicinity of Tahiti and the Society Islands from 1765 to 1769. Extends from Is. Scilly [i.e. the Scilly Islands] in the west and to I. Whitsunday de la Pentecote [i.e. the Whitsunday Island] in the east, from Is. du Disappointment [i.e. Disappointment Island] in the north to Ohetiroa in the south. Features the routes taken by these important explorers as the zig-zagged in and around the Society Islands. Depicts the island of Tahiti (Otaheite) as well as Bora Bora (Bolabola), Otaha, Marma, Ulietea, and others. Title in decorative script in the upper right quadrant. Engraved by Bernard for the 1774 Paris edition of John Hawkesworth's Account of the Voyages… , in which this was contained as Plate 3 in Volume III.