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Fonti per una ricerca genealogica online: banche dati anagrafiche disponibili in rete relative al territorio padovano



The present article has two main objectives: in the first part, it describes the available paper-based sources for doing genealogical research, while in the second part it provides a comparison between those sources at present digitized (and accessible online) and the digitalization projects currently in progress in the Italian context. By maintaining a specific focus on the area of Padua, the paper discusses the contents and the functioning of the following databases of civil registries available online: Family Search (civil registries of birth, marriage and death); Antenati (civil registries of the Austrian period); military leverage (registries of the medical examinations in the area of Padua, Rovigo and Venice); databases of the Ministry of Defense (gold leaf of I World War; database of fallen and disappeared soldiers in the I and II World Wars); cadaster of the Napoleonic and Austrian period (registries of maps and charts of the area of Padua and Rovigo); emigration documents contained in the databases of the International Center for Studies on Italian Emigration (CISEI) and of the Family Search.


LINGUA : italiano
LICENZA : Tutti i diritti riservati
ARGOMENTI : # in Opere di consultazione / Biblioteconomia
FONTE : Anno XX, numero 1-2-3 (novembre 2017)