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"This is the third edition of this scarce and important map of Texas. The first edition was issued in 1833 and the second edition in 1834. Streeter also lists an 1845 edition with the title changed to ""The State of Texas."" This copy was Streeter's copy with his notes on the inside front cover. The brown cloth covers 13.5x8 have ""Burr's Map Of The State of Coha. & Texas Published By J.H. Colton & Co. New York"" stamped in gilt. Full color. Streeter refers to this map as ""the first large scale map of Texas... to show all of Texas to the Arkansas River"" and states that ""The Burr map, like the Austin Map, is one of the landmarks of Texas cartography..."" The detail on the land grants is the best for its time. The 1833 issue shows a smaller Texas extending west to the 103rd meridian, whereas the 1834 and 1835 issues show a much expanded Texas extending west to about the 106th meridian and north to the Arkansas River. There is an inset map of Galveston Bay that Streeter refers to in his penciled notes on the inside cover as ""1st detailed printed chart of Galveston Bay?"" Above the inset map is a table of Distances. Yale has an 1835 edition that was issued earlier in the year than this copy - it does not show Milan's Grant in place of Beal's Grant and it does not list the four new towns that appear on our 1835 edition: Columbia, Electa, Mina and Augusta. Taliaferro 247 (illustrated) appears to be the same as Yale's copy."


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